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We at Choice Check take everything we post into thorough consideration, making sure we bring our audience expertise content that touches base on ALL sides of the coin. We want there to be no questions asked after you’re done reading any of our articles and if you feel the need to proclaim yourself a master genius in whatever field you finished reading that day, we will back you up 100%.

The whole point of Choice Check is to exchange valuable knowledge from our brains to yours, so you can use what you learn here to make informed and confident decisions in the real world. We conduct our own research and also use every resource available from Amazon reviews, to Reddit threads, to trending Twitter Topics, to the New York Times, to even the National Institute of Health. Every facet is researched and carefully examined to ensure we don’t miss a single thing.

To ensure optimum objectivity, our team of tech-savvy, passionate writers and editors know the ins and outs of the online world and use third-party platforms to ensure you receive unbiased information. We hope you have as much fun reading as we do writing and from the bottom of our hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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First, we make sure our panel of writers has no interest in any of the products they will review. Then, they try the products and compare their results. They randomly call customers, labs, and the Better Business Bureau, … Once the review is ready, it is submitted to a customers’ panel for approval, then published in our magazine.

We only review environment-friendly products. We have 3 categories:

  • Beauty & Personal Care: Cosmetics, herbal supplements, and vitamins will only be reviewed if they are cruelty-free, made without harsh chemicals, and free of side effects.
  • Clean Energy: Products you can use in your day-to-day life while protecting the environment (biodegradable, no waste, …).
  • Technology & Electronics: Become tech-savvy with the newest computers, cameras …

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