Top 5 Power Washers Based On Price, Quality, and Design, in 2023

Power Washers are fun.

But they’re expensive, unwieldy, and use an unbelievable amount of electricity and water. Not to mention, they’re difficult for the average Joe like myself to figure out how to use.

Yet at the same time, anyone with outside space inevitably has something that they want power-washed at some point, whether it’s patio furniture, a deck, windows, fences, or even your car.

Hand-washing any of these things takes forever, and let’s be real, requires way too much elbow grease to do fast and efficiently. 

That’s why this time, we’re doing a comparison review for best power washers, ranked on price, efficiency, and ease of use. Not all of them made the final cut to even be good enough to be on our list.

To my surprise, the best power washer was not the most expensive one. (To be honest, the most expensive power washer I tested out didn’t even make the top 5 because I couldn’t figure out how to use it!)

The one that ended up being the highest-rated, surprisingly enough,  was a smaller company with a highly reliable product that actually takes up less space, less electricity, and less water than most of the rest on the list.

Below are our Top 5 Picks for this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom:








































Jet Surge has two powerful spray modes that can be used for everything from cleaning your driveway to cleaning your car.


Jet Surge saves water. A regular hose will use up to 7x more water to do the same job as Jet Surge.


Unlike other Power Washers, Jet Surge doesn’t need any kind of electric charge, no gas, no batteries, it is able to concentrate water power!

We Bought & Tested the Most Popular Power Washers. Here’s Why Jet Surge Is #1

SUMMARY: Jet Surge is a portable power washer that saves water and requires no electricity, making it incredibly easy to use.

UPDATE: After a friend tried to buy one, I found out that these are sold out everywhere. The website HERE may have updated availability information.

My house when I bought it was, to put it mildly, a “fixer upper.” I couldn’t afford anything else in this economy. I was just happy to have my own house and I wasn’t at all concerned about the amount of work I would have to do, rolling up my sleeves.

I’ve never been one to be afraid of getting down and dirty!

But ultimately, all my attention went to the inside of my house. I simply did not have the time and energy to clean up my yard beyond mowing the grass. I tried scrubbing the filthy bricks and fence once, but they were so difficult to clean that I started to think they’d need to be replaced entirely. There was no way I’d be able to wash them.

That’s why I was delighted to get the assignment to test out powerwashers. Not only would I be able to clean my yard – I’d get paid to do it!

I tested different power washers on different materials in my yard and the results were either too hard (I damaged some paint and cut myself once!) or too weak where there was almost no results.

While some power washers gave decent results, I think for the average homeowner, the winner is clear.

After trying it, I’ve got to say, Jet Surge definitely is the overall BEST power washer I tried.

First Impression

Jet Surge arrived sooner than expected. It arrived in a simple brown box and I appreciated right away that the packing is eco-friendly, it wasn’t excessively big or empty.

The moment I pulled Jet Surge out of the box, I was impressed by it’s construction. It’s solid rust-proof metal, and I could tell it could hit harder than a baseball bat! This might seem a bit extreme, but I banged it against my tree to see if I could bend it, and I ended up just creating an indent in my tree!

The handle too was very comfortable and solidly attached. It’s rubber so I could see it would be more comfortable to hold than straight metal. 

I appreciated the lever for turning the spray on and off was also very durably attached but also very easy to turn on and off.

Additionally, the dual attachment comes on a handy little nob on the side where I will be sure never to lose it. Just having the Jet Surge, and I was starting to get excited about testing it out.

I knew that according to the reviews, Jet Surge was one of the favorites amongst consumers, but I wanted to see if the hype was true.

☘ Uses

To complete a thorough review of a power washer, I obviously need to look at all it can do.

What is it that Jet Surge can clean exactly? What kind of benefits does it provide? Well it turns out that it can clean all sorts of things:

✅ Decks

✅ Cement

✅ Fences

✅  Outdoor Furniture

✅ Cars

✅ Driveways 

✅ Windows 

✅ Bricks

✅ Tile

After hearing about all those things that Jet Surge can clean, both from Jet Surge’s website and social media and from other reviews on other websites, it was clear that I would really be missing out if I didn’t give Jet Surge a try – I have so many things that need cleaning.

It was hard to believe that using just one little product would be strong enough to clean all that.


There was the only thing left to do: try it.

First, I wanted to use Jet Surge on my fence. My fence seemed like the easiest, lowest-stakes thing I could clean that would make the biggest difference. I don’t know how it managed to get so grimy. I guess a bunch of bad weather and splashes from muddy dogs? A total mystery.

I had tried to hose it down before but my fence was not having it. Instead, every time I walked outside it would taunt me with it’s filth.

I attached the Jet Surge to my hose in seconds, turned my hose on to full blast, and got to spraying. Immediately, the dirt started to fly off my fence.

It was so satisfying!

But would the Jet surge work on my dirty driveway? That was more of the test. I didn’t think anything would get the years of grime from oil and cars off my driveway.

I took the Jet Surge to my driveway and started spraying…but the dirt hardly moved. My disappointment felt like an anvil in the pit of my stomach. 

But then I inadvertently moved the spray closer to me, nearer to my feet. I had been trying to clean the driveway from about 10 feet away (I had been concerned about back-splash, and 10 feet away had worked for the fence) and low and behold, the dirt started to peel right off of the cement!

So, yep, Jet Surge worked, you just need it to be closer for more intense grime.

Later, I tested my JetSurge out with my car. I found that when cleaning my car and the back sliding glass door to my house, the fan-spray mode worked best because it hit a wider surface area and the grime wasn’t intensely embedded in the surface.

To tell the truth, I may have started to go a little overboard, spray-cleaning everything. When I tried to spray-clean my dog (using the fan setting of course from a distance!), yep, it worked, but my dog was not happy to be hit with such a powerful jet of water.

Jet Surge was definitely overall the best power washer I tested though. It was so convenient to use, and fun to use, I was washing my car once a week.

Better yet, I didn’t see any uptick in my water bill because it was so efficient with water.

My neighbor saw how clean my yard was and ordered one to clean his house too! The best part? His son decided to start a miniature power-washing business with it (what a twist on mowing lawns!) and he has power-washed half the neighborhood with it, and I swear my property value must have increased by thousands of dollars just because of this.

While Jet Surge is still on discount, I’m ordering a few spares so I can have them on hand as gifts to my male relatives and even my bosses come Christmas. What’s extra nifty about them is no one has heard of them so they’re a great gift that you can be sure the gift receiver doesn’t own yet.

How is Jet Surge different from other products?

There are many reasons why Jet Surge stands out:

  • Multiple Attachments – Jet Surge has both a jetstream and jet fan spray mode. (The fan mode is easier for surface areas like cars.)
  • USA Company – Jet Surge is an American company with the highest standards.
  • Electricity-free– Jet Surge requires no electricity, so you don’t have to worry about unwieldy cords.
  • Water-Saving – Jet Surge saves water compared to using a hose or another power washer because of its streamlined power.
  • Compact –  Jet Surge does not take up a lot of space in a garage or shed, you can easily store it. It’s a great gift as well!


The idea that something this affordable could compete with famous brand-name power washers did not seem logical to me when I began this project.

When I received it, I changed the scores on all the other products right away, as it outperformed them all!

If you want to have a power washer that’s convenient and affordable, Jet Surge is the solution for you.

You will be able to scrub any of your outside areas without actually doing the work of scrubbing, just spray and you’re done!

🔑 A Recent Problem Occurred

When I first purchased Jet Surge, I loved it. I told my friend about it (she has trouble with her dirty second floor windows), but she couldn’t find any available.

It won’t be easy to find these with the 50% off discount, but you’ll have to try.

Assuming it would work, my friend bought a copycat power washers for twice the price.

It ended up making her windows muddy without even getting rid of the streaks or dirt, so it was a waste of time.

If you want to get the real deal and a good discount, go to the company’s official website.

️🎯 Here’s how to Get Your Jet Surge

  1. Check out the website – linked here
  2. Don’t miss out on the 50% discount
  3. It’s up to you how many JetSurge you want (Hint: JetSurge makes a great gift, and more are a better deal!)
  4. Submit your payment and shipping information
  5. Powerwash anything and everything!


Q: Is it really effective?

Jet Surge worked for me for my filthy driveway, my sidewalk, my car, and my windows. So yes, I’d say it’s effective!

Q: What are the steps involved?

Simply attach the Jet Surge to your hose, it screws on easily. Choose which spray mode you want, turn on your hose at full blast, and use Jet Surge’s handle to control the stream, that’s it!

Q: Is this really going to work for me?

Jet Surge will work for you, but if you’re cleaning something that’s already clean, you might not notice as much of a difference as if you’re cleaning something that’s dirty!

What is the price?

Professional-grade Power Washers regularly sell for $100+ in home goods stores. Jet Surge is normally priced at $79.95.  But right now they’re offering a 50% discount!

Since the company is not well known (yet!) and doesn’t invest much money in marketing, it’s offering a such an affordable price. 

$39.95 is an even better price point with the 50% off deal!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

A major reason Jet Surge is so affordable is because they don’t sell on Amazon. Amazon takes a huge cut of revenue, which means the only way to sell something high-quality on Amazon is by jacking up the price. So while shopping on Amazon you’re either going to buy something that’s low-quality for a low price or if you want high quality, you’ll have to jack the price way up.

Jet Surge avoids that conundrum by not selling on Amazon, so they can sell something that’s high quality at a lower price.

Another thing is the company doesn’t do much marketing. It also means they won’t need to charge as much because they won’t be placing them on any store shelves. Additionally, they want to build their brand.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

There’s a good chance that the company is working on building up its brand and wants to know what customers think.

They create more sales by getting it into as many hands as possible. There is a constant shortage of supplies, so it must be working.

UPDATE!  Since Monday, July 03, 2023, Jet Surge has been featured in major international media, generating an incredible amount of buzz. The company offers 50% off the product due to its popularity, positive reviews, and the desire for people to try it out so more buzz can be generated.