This Police Officer Says Not To Ever Leave Your Home Without Having This Installed

by Austin J.

June 2023


❗ How many times do you question yourself what is happening, or who is ccalling when you’re not around?

This is the most frequently asked questions we’ve got in our recent survey about home security.

Amid the complex market of home protection device, we resorted to a police officer named Denis from California to find out which could be the best solution.

️🎯 A video doorbell was what he picked up from the list, the Aloha doorbell in particular. This device acted as a deterrent to intruders and as a smart controller for homeowners.






Denis Told Us About the Current Situation Of Neighborhood Crime...

Denis believed that the level of crime in residential areas was under control. However, fast forward to 2022, and the situation has dramatically changed.

🔥 According to Denis, criminals have become more serious, gaining access to additional resources that enable them to cause harm. This trend is not limited to big cities alone; even smaller towns and neighborhoods are experiencing these challenges.

In opposition to popular belief, Denis emphasized that individuals living outside major urban centers, such as Detroit or Chicago, are not exempt from the risk of burglaries or other types of neighborhood crime.

Denis kept going on to share some alarming statistics that shed light on the issue. He revealed that approximately 2.5 million break-ins occur in the United States each year, with half of them taking place at home. We could hardly have thought of such a considerable number.

“Porch Pirates are now the #1 cause of home theft in the country. Accounting for millions of stolen
items a year.”

❌ Petty Crime Can Turn Into Serious One

He said that break-ins and burglaries don’t merely mean their original meanings. They just go far beyond our expectations. Behind plain sight, these crimes can turn into more severe ones, which do damage to property and cause serious injury to people.

The police station where Denis works frequently gets reports of stolen delivery packages, property vandalism by juveniles, harassment from outsiders, or even minor accidents like a resident’s car being crashed while a robber was managing to get out of a parking spot.

👉 Although there is a security force going around from time to time for checking up on the neighborhood, it is necessary for every household to have a tool to control the outside when they’re out of the home. That’s because security officers can’t go to each house for a thorough inspection.

Therefore, be aware of the surroundings and make a quick response would leave the impact to the minimum.

Naturally, being homeowners ourselves, we were curious to know what Denis would suggest, which should be on a budget to enhance overall security.

Denis’s #1 Advice for Home Security

Denis introduced Aloha, a smart video doorbell designed to record footage in the front door and monitor surroundings with advanced features. By connecting it to a mobile phone or a tablet through an app, users can see what is happening or who is approaching their houses in real time.

Quite amazed by this, we were so curious to ask Denis share more about his knowledge with it. He kept going on.

⚡ Those households integrated with the video doorbell were able to filter out around 42,5% more instances of petty crime, of which the potential impact was out of hand.

We were so eager to have a go at it and saw whether Dennis’s testimonial was true. We bought and tested Aloha Video Doorbell, read on to learn more about it.

❓ What Is Aloha Video Doorbell?

Just like Denis said, Aloha Video Doorbell is a doorbell combined with a camera, which has the ability to do other things more than seeing.

Avoiding the hassle of complex cables or wires, Aloha can be mounted on the door or front wall, which is easy for anyone to set it up.

With a motion detection sensor, this gadget can trigger an alert to your smartphone whenever there is a strange thing happening. You can a wide field of view through its 170-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical angle camera lens, ensuring you see anything from top to toe.

One more interesting thing about it is the two-way audio. This means that you can not only hear from what you see but also talk to the person at your door immediately.

📌 Advanced Home Safety Tech, but Affordable for Everyone

This technology first came out in 2013, when its high cost (about $800) prevent homeowners from feeling at ease to place an order. Over the past 10 years of improvement, the Aloha company has made it reachable to everyone by reducing the price to a never-before-seen extent.

With this price, we used to expect no more than a ringing bell; however, we have it all now. This well-rounded doorbell cam is a game-changer in the way we protect our home.

🔖 We Got Quite A Good Deal!

Aloha Video Doorbell offers the same features as major brands costing over $800, but it is priced at $199.98 retail.

However, a limited-time flash sale is currently running exclusively for US residents, offering a 50% discount at $99.99. Additionally, for those with multiple doors, purchasing two units is advisable, as they only cost $189.98, saving 55%.

The sale is scheduled in a limited time, typically lasting 48 hours or less.

Visit their website to check Aloha’s best deals.

After getting this bargain, this is what we found…

⚡ We Put Aloha Video Doorbell to The Real Test

As the first ginny pig, my experience with it was quite impressive.

I was thrilled when the Aloha Video Doorbell arrived at my doorstep in just 5 days. To my surprise, installation turned out to be a breeze, taking me only 15 minutes. I didn’t have to resort to my husband or a serviceman as I did in the past with my previous traditional doorbell.

📍 Once everything was set up, I eagerly launched the app, excited to put Aloha to the test. Even while I was at work, I found myself constantly glancing at my phone, eager to see any activity. Although a few days went by without any events, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the exceptional video quality. 

📍 Aloha is equipped with 1080p HD camera and night vision, so the clarity was astonishing, even during nighttime, surpassing my expectations. Not to mention, the wide-angle view reached all the way to my driveway and even onto the street.

But then, on the third day of using Aloha Video Doorbell, something truly captivating unfolded before my eyes. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to share.

Aloha did help us! 👇 

Homeowners and Aloha Video Doorbell Users – Mark T.

During one of my coffee breaks, I decided to check the Door Ringer app, and to my astonishment, there it was on the screen—an actual bobcat on my front deck!

Living in a rural area surrounded by trees, it’s not uncommon to encounter wildlife. However, when they come too close to our homes, it becomes essential for the community to stay alert and inform one another.

Without wasting a moment, I reached out to all my neighboring residents, sharing the exciting discovery. Everyone expressed their gratitude for the heads up, as it allowed them to ensure the safety of their children and pets.

🔥 While this incident may not have been the kind of petty crime or imminent danger that Denis had warned us about, it highlighted the immense value of being aware of everything happening around our houses, including encounters with wildlife. It truly pays off to have a comprehensive view of our surroundings!

Is Aloha Video Doorbell Worth Buying?

If you’re seeking to monitor your home and contribute to the safety of your community, this device is an essential tool.

⭐ With Aloha Video Doorbell, you can enjoy all these benefits without breaking the bank. It offers top-notch features at a more affordable price compared to other brands.

Personally, I decided to get two units—one for my front door and one for the back—and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Considering the ongoing discount (assuming it’s still available), I highly recommend taking advantage of the offer. Hope you can get one to enhance your home security and get peace of mind!

UPDATED: For a limited period, Aloha is offering a fantastic discount of 50% off on all purchases made through their official outlet. This means you can now enjoy their premium products at an even more affordable price.

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