5 Best Personal Safety Alarms For Self Defense in 2023

Personal safety has been a widespread concern. Based on an IPSOS study (2021), a surprising proportion 80% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the public spaces, and 33% of them reported being followed and stalked by strangers. This is when the long-lasting trauma happens.

️🎯 To ease this situation, people try many ways for self protection like using pepper sprays, carrying sharp tools along. However, one of the latest effective way is to use a Personal Safety Alarm, which is small, discreet and nonviolent devices feature an audible alarm – a measure of protection. It acts as an added security in the event of potential assault. Now, there are many copycats prevalent on the market, so it’s hard to find out which best suits your need.

We’ve analyzed more than 35 personal safety alarm, and ranked them based on:

  • Pricing and discount
  • Alarm volume (decibels) and length
  • Whether the alarm is easily attachable to a keychain or belt loop
  • Whether the alarm is rechargeable
  • Additional features
  • Whether the alarm is inspected for safe use

👉 Please read on to explore our top-ranked personal safety alarm.

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#1 Voted of 2023


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“Best personal alarm in market”

4,236 Reviews


We think a personal safety alarm should be a must-have, especially for kids and women to use on the go. When being in a threatening situation, the safety alarm would surprise the attacker and buy you sometime to get away from whom.

👍 Just press the button to activate the alert in no more than a mili second, the ear-piercing high-pitched sound comes out deterring the attacker to take the next action. The alarm also acts as a call-for-help signal, which draw nearby people’s attention or the security patrol.

⭐ The Guarder Personal Safety Alarm is truely a self-defense tool that best suits your all-desired needs while remain budget-friendly. It is of good use for anyone of all ages. Here below are some key features that makes it stand out from the crowd:

✔️ Ultra-Loud Siren

Many safety alarm brand name out there boasts high volume sound, but they weren’t that loud. An alarm with higher decibels is superior to lower-decibel alarms, as they enable further reach and potentially attract more attention.

Proved to be different from the 130 db siren, the Guarder Personal Alarm Keychain could grab people’s attention at a further distance. There are more chances for you to call for help if your location is far away from the residential area.

❌ If the sound is higher than 130 decibels, it can causes acute hearing loss, so the decent sound volume that Guarder offers would make it a perfect choice for you.

✔️ Very User-Friendly

In an urgent situation, user-friendly factor should be high on the list. It’s meaningless when you take so much time to trigger an alert, which gives the attacker more time to act.

All you have to do with this safety alarm is to pull the ring. There is no special training or technically needed to operate this device even kids can use it as a piece of cake. You can also learn more about it here.

📍 Please make sure to put it with something that’s easy to touch when needed like keychain, your pocket or bag zipper.

✔️ Sleek And Discreet Design

One more interesting thing I like about it is its sleek design. It can be disguised in a form of a keychain, so even the attacker can hardly notice that you are having a defensive tool. Made from a durable and firm material, you can avoid the hassle of breakage when accidentally dropping it off the ground or into the water.

It’s compact and lightweight, even older person can carry this safety alarm along in case of emergency. One more thing about it is the trendy color variety. There are 5 different colors to choose from, so make sure to have yourselves protected while remaining elegant.

✔️ Long Standby Battery

Another reason why we pick the Guarder Safety Alarm as the go-to self defense tool is its ability to recharge. You can avoid the hassle of regular battery replacement, compared to other devices. Moreover, Guarder also have a long-lasting standby power, which means its battery can holds without activating the alarm for a full year. This would give you some piece of mind in the event that you suddenly need the help of safety alarm.

✔️ Bonus Features

If you are purchasing a personal safety alarm for night jogging, or frequent walking in the dark, looking for an alarm with an LED flashlight might be practical. Guarder alarm is well-equipped with a strobe LED light and SOS function. The flashing strobe light will draw more attention in darkness, while SOS is in charge of triggering a signal means calling for help.

✔️ Budget-Friendly

No one doesn’t love affordable qualitative items when more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. At Guarder you can get your own personal safety alarm at half of the original cost as the company is running its exclusive discount campaign. Make sure you get the deal before it ends soon.

📍 One more thing, Guarder also offer 30-days money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it back within 30 days from the moment you receive the package and get full refund without hassle. However, I guess you will surely want to keep it!

✔️ A Perfect Gift For Anyone

The Alarm Keychain also makes a perfect gift for loved ones who care about their safety. It is not only a thoughtful present, but also a practical one that can potentially save a life. Guarder saves women from street assault, saves children from kidnapping and saves men and the elder from urgent situations like accidents. Whether it’s for a family member, a friend, or a colleague, the Guarder Personal Alarm Keychain is a gift that shows how much you care about their well-being.

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