5 Best Wifi Booster 2023: Improve Wireless Range Effortlessly

You might have a broadband connection, but can’t access it from your bedroom or kitchen. You can’t have a video chat smoothly in the more distant corners. So these below Wifi Extenders would be your ideal friends.

📍 The Wifi speed drops off as you move far away from the router, and this booster can receive the signal and rebroadcast, ensuring a larger wireless range while maintaining the same high speed.

We’ve conducted some deep researches and testings to filter out which Wifi booster is the best choice.

🔔 Our test winner was actually from a smaller company that managed to beat the big brands in both performance and price.

Wiboo Extender

WIboo Wifi Booster

"Best #1 WiFi Booster"


4,236 Reviews





3,245 Reviews

TP-Link AC750

TP-Link AC750



2,435 Reviews

TP-Link N300

TP-Link N300

"Very Good"


1,953 Reviews

Aitour Ever

Aitour Ever

"Not Bad"


1,423 Reviews


Wiboo Extender

Wibo Wifi Booster

"Best #1 WiFi Booster "


4,236 Reviews

❓Why We Pick Wiboo Extender As The 1# Best Wifi Booster

👍 With a vast number of 5-star rating and positive feedbacks, we felt so excited for it. We got Wiboo at a very good price with 50% discount. Here raising a doubt about its actual quality, does it really work?

Put this question aside for a more directly visible thing like delivery time and customer service. It arrived just 5 days after we ordered it, and there was a customer service agent always willing to support us through the whole process from discount application to control management.

These plus points has made a great contribution to a satisfied customer experience, leading to good reviews as a result.

️🥇Definitely, we couldn’t wait to put it to the real test.

Our Test Results

Following the directions, which is clear and straightforward, we got the hold of it in less than 5 minutes.

⚡ Literally, all we had to do was plug it in the outlet for activation. It is suggested to place the booster in a suitable location which is halfway between the main router and the “dead zone”. The wifi extender can be too far away from the router, where there is no signal to rebroadcast, and it shouldn’t be to close, which limit the wireless coverage range.

After we finished setting it up, it was time to see if this thing really lived up to our expectations. We conducted a few tests in the living room, which is previously known for its notoriously slow internet connection. Let’s see how Wiboo Wifi Extender performs:

✔️ Social media scrolling – Previously it took about 3 minutes for Facebook to come up with a new feed, now it come in within a second. We don’t have to go to the bedroom for surfing the media anymore.

✔️ Browsing the internet – Websites loaded as soon as we entered the queries. Previously it would take between 10 seconds to a whole minute to load a regular website. Our web experience was improved significantly from then.

✔️ Video call – Calling a friend on FaceTime from this room was previously impossible, however, with the help of Wiboo, the video appeared so clear with no vibrated sound. Things just went smoothly during our conversation.

✔️ Gaming – The internet connection should be strong enough to download and play video games. However, the wifi signal dropped off whenever we come to the living room. And it came as a surprise that we now could play games with a stable support of Wiboo.

🌟 These tests were enough to convince us that the device works, the dead zone in the living room was completely wiped out. We’ve got a rock-solid connection all around the house, got hassle-free seamless experience just at a bargain price.

Very User-Friendly

In our testing, Wiboo Extender was the easiest to set up. The whole process from unboxing to having it ready to go took less than 5 minutes. The instructions were easy to follow as it is just 3 basic steps:

🔽 Plug into the wall anywhere you want

🔽 Connect to local WiFi (it automatically gets discovered by your phone)

🔽 Enjoy reliable connection from anywhere in house

We can confidently say that you don’t have to be a tech savvy geek to grasp it. Anyone could set it up with just one action of plugging in.

Impressive Design and Perfect Size

Wiboo has been made to be discreet & easy to use. There is no need to purchase additional long wires or ethernet cable. This minimal design has made it an ideal equipment which does not affect your original home decor.

Wibo Wifi Booster is small, compact, and easy to hide behind a chair or a plant. No need to rearrange furniture to make space for it. Plus it doesn’t take up too much space in your plug sockets, leaving plenty of room for other devices to use the sockets next to it.

Customer Support

Wiboo offers a customer service hotline that is available 24/7 for any issues you may have with your device. If you need to refund your order, simply call their customer service and they will assist you with your request. One of the best things about their customer service is that you get to speak with an actual person. Additionally, their website features many positive reviews from satisfied customers. ✨

How to Get Wiboo Extender

To order and get the benefit of the current 50% discount, just follow these steps:

❎ Go to the official outlet.

❎ Choose the number of devices you wish to buy.

❎ Fill out your shipping and payment details.

❎ Experience speedy internet throughout your home!

Be Cautious When Purchasing

There are plenty of copycats out there trying to leech of the success of the Wiboo Extender so make sure to get the booster from their official outlet. 


On April 11, 2023, Wiboo received significant media attention, which generated a lot of excitement. The company is now offering a one-time 50% discount because they are confident in their product’s popularity and positive reviews and want people to try it out for themselves. Opportunity comes only comes once, don’t miss out on it!